Raw code

public super class {


const classref org/jasm/examples/HelloWorld;
const classref java/lang/Object;
const classref java/lang/System;
const classref java/io/PrintStream;
const classref java/lang/String;
const fieldref PrintStream out from System;
const methodref void println(java/lang/String text) from PrintStream;
const methodref void <init>() from Object as Object.init;

const classref java/text/SimpleDateFormat;
const classref java/text/DateFormat;
const classref java/util/Date;
const methodref void <init>(String format) from SimpleDateFormat as SimpleDateFormat.init;
const methodref String format(Date d) from DateFormat;
const classref java/util/Calendar;
const methodref Calendar getInstance() from Calendar;
const methodref Date getTime() from Calendar;

version 52.0;
name HelloWorld; 
extends Object;


public void <init>() {
    aload this;
    invokespecial Object.init;

//Main Method
public static void main (String [] args) {

    var object format;
    var object date;

    //creating format instance and saving it into the local variable format
    .new(SimpleDateFormat, SimpleDateFormat.init,"dd.MM.yyyy HH:mm:SS");
    astore format;

    //Creating date instance and saving it into the local variable date
    astore date;

    .println("Hello world, the current datetime is: ", 
        .invokevirtual(DateFormat.format, (DateFormat)format,(Date)date)