Raw code

public super class {
  version 52.0;
  name ThisClass; 
  extends Object;


  const classref ThisClass ThisClass_name;
  const utf8 ThisClass_name "org/jasm/examples/HelloWorld";

  const classref Object Object_name;
  const utf8 Object_name "java/lang/Object";

  const classref System System_name;
  const utf8 System_name "java/lang/System";

  const utf8 out_name "out";
  const utf8 out_desc "Ljava/io/PrintStream;";
  const nameandtype System.out_nat out_name,out_desc;
  const fieldref System.out System,System.out_nat;

  const classref PrintStream PrintStream_name;
  const utf8 PrintStream_name "java/io/PrintStream";

  const utf8 println_name "println";
  const utf8 println_desc "(Ljava/lang/String;)V";
  const nameandtype PrintStream.println_nat println_name,println_desc;
  const methodref PrintStream.println PrintStream,PrintStream.println_nat;

  const utf8 init0_name "<init>";
  const utf8 init0_desc "()V";
  const methodref Object.init0 Object, Object.init0_nat; 
  const nameandtype Object.init0_nat init0_name, init0_desc;

  //This has to be declared if you have code
  const utf8 Code_utf8 "Code";

  const utf8 main_name "main";
  const utf8 main_desc "([Ljava/lang/String;)V";

  const utf8 helloworld_content "Hello World!";
  const string helloworld helloworld_content;


  public method {
    name init0_name; 
    descriptor init0_desc;


    var object this;


    aload this;
    invokespecial Object.init0;

  //Main Method
  public static method {
    name main_name;
    descriptor main_desc;


    var object args; //This is the method parameter


    getstatic System.out;
    ldc helloworld;
    invokevirtual PrintStream.println;